Launch of the Programme

Launch of the Programme

The "STRIVE" Programme has launched

STRIVE is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by NEF Belgium in partnership with ‘’Agate’’ Rights Defense Center for Women with Disabilities NGO, ‘’Blejan’’ Ecological, Social, Business Support NGO, Women’s Development ‘’Resource Center’’ Foundation, ‘’Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan’’ NGO.

The STRIVE project aims to improve the resilience, sustainability, accountability, and capacity for innovation of Armenian civil society organizations (CSOs). It will engage CSOs across the country in activities to develop their capacities, improve mechanisms to engage citizens and promote volunteerism, and develop and expand partnership networks.

During three and a half years, about 600 civil society organizations (CSOs) will be involved in capacity-building activities, forums, and joint activities, the program will promote the development of volunteerism, the involvement of young people in leadership development courses, and the implementation of innovative social programs. A grant of around 700,000 euros will be provided for the implementation of various initiatives by CSOs and informal groups.

A fund of competitive sub-grants totaling over 700 000 EUR will be directed to over 100 different initiatives proposed by CSOs and non-formal groups targeting CSO sustainability and innovation, community needs, media literacy, and volunteerism.
For more information visit: Strive | Yerevan (

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