A Warm House as a Job Opportunity

A Warm House as a Job Opportunity

Azganush Yengoyan is the beneficiary of the "Warm House" program implemented within the framework of STRIVE.  Her multi-member family - young children, husband, husband's brother with special needs, elderly parents live in the village of Zovuni, in a hut.

Despite family worries and workload, Azganush did her best to participate in the capacity building trainings conducted within the framework of the program, visited the greenhouse, and worked on plant cultivation.
One of Azganush's children is a kindergarten student in Zovuni village, the other child will attend kindergarten from September.

With the efforts of Zovuni kindergarten director Nelly Mkhitaryan, "Let's Improve Our  Village" NGO’s recommendation and based on the decision of the Head of the enlarged community of Nairi and the Administrative Head of Zovuni, Azganush Yenogyan now has a permanent job in the Zovuni kindergarten, where he will take care of greenhouse crops.

14 April 2023, Friday | 124

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