A Halotherapy Room in Goris

A Halotherapy Room in Goris

After the war, tens of thousands of displaced families from Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) came to Goris community with many urgent psychological, social, and economic issues. During various surveys and assessment of needs, the displaced families, in line with many other issues, emphasized the need for psychological support to children. It was a real need to create a center in Goris community, which would provide not just temporary support but would consistently work with the displaced people.


Considering the identified needs, with the support of STRIVE’s emergency response sub-grant scheme, which was aiming to address the immediate needs of communities and individuals across Armenia to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020-armed conflict and their humanitarian, social and economic consequences, "Color of Life" psychological center was established aiming to provide psychological support service in the community. Within the framework of the activities of the “Color of Life” psychological center, a halotherapy room has been established by Syunik Destination Management Office who introduced this project to STRIVE and received financial support by the project. 


 As for now 50 children from vulnerable groups receive services of the center for free of charge. Parents who accompany children, also become visitors of the center and they like it much. This is the only halotherapy room in the Goris community, it provides services to people from consolidated Goris community and Tegh and Tatev communities.


The beneficiaries of the halotherapy room always highlight the importance of this center emphasizing that after visiting the center, breathing, appetite, well-being, feeling of chronic fatigue are improved, they got rid of negative emotions and depression.  There is no need to travel 240 km to reach the capital any more for getting this kind of services.
՛՛Group visits to the center improves childrens’ interrelations and communication’’, says the psychologist of the center. 

During a short period of time, center has turned to be a favorite place for many displaced families and children.  

03 May 2023, Wednesday | 119

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